College Coloring and Safe Spaces: An Open Letter to Walter Camier

Standard-Speaker letter-writer declares that coloring books have no place in college.

“Why have many universities adopted a childish approach in which college coloring books are becoming a sad sign of the times? This is a fruit of years of liberal academia that purposely ignored the need to form mature morally upright students to assume responsibility in society.”  – Walter Camier

Our response:

It sounds ridiculous when you imagine 20-year-olds with Disney pages and crayons, doesn’t it? That’s all we had until a few years ago when the adult coloring market exploded onto the scene. The designs you find in adult coloring books are generally intricate, full of details that would leave your average toddler hollering and running amuck. (Though, let’s be honest, toddlers holler and run amuck for pretty much anything.)

Coloring is but one of many hobbies that helps you clear your mind, much like prayer. It’s a way to remove worry from the forefront of your mind and focus on something else for a little while. Runners run. Knitters knit. Golfers golf. Colorists color. 🙂 There are many genres, including Christian devotionals, Scripture passages, and Church architecture.

We at College Coloring Books do more than create and promote these fun-tastic stress relievers; we customize our books to the specific learning institution. We help you share your college’s story, your university’s values, your organization’s lifeblood.

Have you taken the opportunity to try any of the adult coloring pages? We’d be happy to share one of our favorite images — a chapel — with you and your readers. 🙂

Pamela Auble
Founder, College Coloring Books

We have yet to receive a response from Mr. Camier; we’ll let you know if we do!

Your turn! Have you heard that coloring is a “liberal” activity?  Let us know in the comments!

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