College Coloring Books Christmas Holiday Celebration

Your Campus. Your Buildings. Your Traditions.

Relive your college experience* with a custom adult coloring book of your favorite college, university, or Greek organization.

* Poor decisions not included. Unless we’re invited.

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Your Sisters. Your Traditions. Your Sorority.

Kappa Alpha Theta Doodled Hand Sign

When you joined your sorority, you joined a lifelong sisterhood.
Reconnect with your sorority and “show” what you know.

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Mindfullness. Stress Relief. Procrastination.

Coloring For Credit Coloring Books

Forget underwater basketweaving. How do you get to major in Swearing with Shakespeare?

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What We Do

We provide creative, stress-relieving, artful experiences based on the love of one’s college, university, or organization.

What We Believe

Our colleges helped to define who we are. To support the mission of the higher education systems, 10% of proceeds are donated back to the product’s school or organization. Up to 100% of proceeds are donated to other causes.

What We Promise

All illustrations are created with the adult coloring enthusiast–and college fan–in mind. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us for a refund.

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