How Coral Inspired Us To Inspire

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In case you hadn’t yet heard, we launched our new evolution, Craft and Color Co, a few weeks ago!  We’re expanding how we bring community and connection to your world, by thinking beyond the campus.

As part of our new venture, we’re embracing a new color palette that defines the new […]

The 7 Best Coloring Tools for Your Next Coloring Project

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The Best Coloring Tools You Can Buy

When you start a coloring book company, there are things you expect.  You expect to learn about different types of paper.  It’s not a surprise when you become totally proficient at PhotoShop.  You also expect to meet other fabulous people — from coloring enthusiasts to marketing folks […]

The Hottest New Trend in Real Estate … Coloring?

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Real estate coloring books?!? Get out of here!

As we’ve been saying, the coloring trend isn’t ending, it’s evolvingWe just read in the Wall Street Journal (which is not exactly a coloring industry publication!) about this cool new idea of introducing coloring into the real estate market, and we’re so thrilled!  Who […]

14 Festive Coloring Traditions to Start This Year

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Ho Ho Ho!

Baking, decorating the house, visiting loved ones, exchanging gifts, sharing a big meal (or two, or three, or …), a warm holiday spirit, gatherings of friends and family, and … coloring? […]

Ultimate Coloring Holiday Wish List 2017

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Your Wish is Our Command

Stockings by the fire, cookies, hot cocoa, carols, family gatherings and crazy sweaters — it’s finally the holiday season!  It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again, but here we are. […]