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10 Unique Ideas for a Fabulous Bid Day Basket (that will make her new sisters kinda jealous)

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It’s that time of year again — its time for bid day, and for a fabulous bid day basket!

Depending on where she goes to school, your daughter’s bid day might be right around the corner!  (Or, it might be in 6 months, but hey, we’ll re-post this again in the winter […]

The 3 next big things in adult coloring!

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At College Coloring Books, we’re often over here going on and on about the continued vibrancy of the adult coloring market, or waxing poetic about how niche coloring books are the big new thing.  (If you’ve been around here a while, this is not news to you.)  But honestly, nothing is greater […]

Five Fun Ways to Create a Colorful College Reunion

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Reunion, Baby

You spent four years (more or less) with the best friends you’ve ever made. You learned more about who you are in those years than during any other short span of time in your life. If you’re as lucky as all of us here at College Coloring Books, you spent those years […]

Colorful ConGRADUATIONs to the Class of 2018!

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What Time Is It?

In many parts of the country, the snow is not yet finished melting and spring flowers are just beginning to think about poking up through the soil to bloom.  But before you know it, we will have already arrived at an event that has been on the horizon for so […]